Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big Post of Harley Gunsavior!

So I figured while I was doing a ton with Chainsmoke and posting the first page in a couple days, I'd be completely non-sensical and post stuff from a story that has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

Harley Gunsavior (named for the obnoxious-looking main character in the red jacket there) is supposed to be kind of a happier, light-hearted story about growing up and finding a place in the world. It fits into the same universe as Chainsmoke, but the respective tone and atmosphere of the two stories are very different.

Anyway, here's some concept/character art for it, since no one's really seen much from it. I'll post the finish of this first image when it's done at some point. The other three are not recent (bottom one being the one of the first drawings of Harley I ever did), but I hope you enjoy them anyway!

And Some Previous Art:


Lauren said...

I really like the bug guy!

Kate McElroy said...

Thank you! :D He's really fun to draw!