Thursday, July 29, 2010


Back from SDCC! What a blast! The trip was so worthwhile and I met a lot of great people! So I've come back with a pretty huge art post! To start off, how about some panels from the comic pages I've been working on huh? ;D I've enjoyed working on these a lot and am going to continue to plug through them. The only downside to this is that it may yet be a while before you guys see the end of the story I was working on previously before I jumped over to this one. But eh! I like this one better anyway.

Next up, my friend Mario drew this awesome Derek in a kind of impromptu art trade we did at the hotel one night! Below it is an in-flight doodle of his characters Wyliman and McKenn from his comic!

Here's a couple of Drink & Draw doodles -- The pancake dogs kind of became a mini art jam started by Jimena

And lastly, here's the rest of the drawings from time spent on a plane or in the airport:

There's also a goofy collaboration by all of us featuring THE LEGEND OF DAVE, but its glory would blind you instantly.

Hope everyone else who went to Comic Con had a blast too! More preview drawings to come as I get through more pages!

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Allison Bamcat said...


I love the last Ralph - his expression is priceless. So glad you had fun and were inspired and great!!