Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Busy busy!

Just a couple previous works, while I'm working on other stuff today:

This first one is Ralph and the crew of the El Roacho from my Chainsmoke story. :)

Finished this a while back, but never posted for some reason or another. I would like to do a big pin-up of all the characters at some point!

This next one was my part of the start of what was to be a pretty epic collaboration between myself and another artist last year. Found it while organizing some of my image folders, and wanted to share it since it's about a thousand kinds of weird and it was really fun to make. It's also easy to see why I don't normally use black ink.


4dam said...

Holy crap Kate! That second drawing is frickin siiiick! I love it, and I think you have to treat it to some color to see what becomes of it. I love the condor-from-hell, it reminds me of the way the main characters in Beatlejuice stretch their faces out to scare the Deets' (

Kate McElroy said...

Haha! Thanks Adam! I'm glad you enjoy it. :)

Sadly though, as much as I'd really love to color it, I no longer possess the original.